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In one month, Paranormal Chaos, the third and final installment of The Shifter Chronicles, hits the digital bookshelves. It’s been an amazing ride these past few years and I’ve been blessed to have this group of characters go from a single story collecting dust to a three-novel series. With any luck, this last book will be a pleasing, high-octane finale.

Paranormal Chaos cover

For those who were around during the Summoned Chaos release, I donated a dollar per book purchased to a veteran’s charity called Troops First FoundationWell, I’m going to repeat that event, but this time around, I’m giving it a name.

Welcome to the Help Me Help Vets Event!

And I’d love your help as well.

So here’s the deal….


  1. Between now and the official release date of January 4th, 2016, if anyone  pre-orders Paranormal Chaos ($2.99 USD) from any online distributor, I’ll donate one US dollar ($1) to the Troops First Foundation.
  2. If anyone pre-orders the audio CD ($39.00 USD), I’ll donate $20 per CD.
  3. When you pre-order the book/CD, please make a new comment on this post stating that you did so for the Help Me Help Vets (HMHV) Event
  4. On January 4th, I’ll make a donation to Troops First for the sum total, not to exceed $3,000.


The Troops First Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a focus on helping wounded veterans by hosting golf events nation-wide. It was founded in 2008 as a means to raise money for wounded warriors, but does so utilizing the unique persona that comes with playing a round of golf.

For more information on the charity, or to make a donation directly to Troops First, please visit their website at


A few years ago I had the chance to participate in one of their tournaments and was impressed with how focused the charity was on the individual. They travel around the country hosting events and partnering with some of golf’s biggest names, but do so in a reserved manner out of respect for the wounded. There are no cameras or major marketing; simply a bunch of golf pros and locals playing a round or two with veterans on the mend. They’re sincere with their outreach, putting the veteran first.

That said, I don’t write for the money. At least, not yet. I do it because I love it and because a few of you out there seem to enjoy reading my stories. With the release date for Paranormal Chaos just around the corner, I’d rather my royalties from the pre-sales go to a good cause. How much of my royalties will that $1 or $20 be?

All of it.

Why? Because it is more important to do right by the men and women who have been injured serving our country, some beyond repair.

So, please enjoy the book and thank you for helping to breath life into the series. And, with your help,  we can also make a difference for people who gave more than you or I could possibly imagine.


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I preordered the book on Amazon. Had no idea it was going to such a good cause. Keep up the good work!

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