Help Me Help Vets – Week 1 Update

First, let me just say thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to my Help Me Help Vets initiative. It’s been a fantastic week for Paranormal Chaos and it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of readers, fellow authors, friends and family. 

So how are we doing?

Honestly, not too shabby. According to my spreadsheet, we’ve raised $26 so far, which I am more than happy with. That $26 will go to the men and women at the Troops First Foundation. It might not seem like much, but I’m a firm believer that every dollar counts.

That said, I’d love for us to be able to give more and am therefore setting an initial goal of $100. The good news is that we’re 25% of the way there already. If we do $25 a week till the book’s release on January 4th, we’ll hit that mark.

How can we reach that, you may ask?

For starters, sharing this event on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, you name it. The more folks who hear about this, the greater chance we’ll have of raising that $100.  We need 75 more book pre-orders or 4 more CD pre-orders and word of mouth is a powerful tool to reach those potential readers/listeners.

Secondly, we will hit that goal by letting me know if/when you or others pre-order. Ideally my spreadsheet will match 1-for-1 every pre-order, but without being told, I won’t have eyes on.

By the way, for those who missed the initial post on my Help Me Help Vets event, you can catch  up on the rules here.

As for Paranormal Chaos itself, there are a couple early reviews over at Goodreads that absolutely made my week. Hopefully they’ll also help folks decide whether or not the book is worth spending the $3, $1 of which will support Troops First. You can check out the reviews here and here.

Again, thank you for everyone who has participated so far and for those who have helped spread the word. Together we’ll do some good for some very deserving folks.

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