The Oddball Writing Dictionary

These are some of my New Writing Term Recommendations, as seen on Chirper. Updated whenever.

Bowlarina: (n) – An author (moi) who pirouettes and plies through a story with the grace of a bowling ball.

Consonantipation: (n) – Severe case of writer’s block that can only be cured with a good vowel movement.

Constiplotation: (n) – Blockage that occurs when trying to figure out how to get from A to B in your story.

Deletist: (n): An author who feels superior because they found/removed their own typos.

Ibproofin (n): necessary to deal with the headache from proof-reading your own material.

Podcrastination (n): Avoiding writing your own book by listening to someone else’s that hasn’t.

Semi-Colonoscopy: (n) – the procedure by which a writer digs through a story to make sure it isn’t full of crap.

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