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The Thursdays of Writing

Thursdays are, without a doubt, my favorite day because they are the Christmas Eve of the week. You know Friday is right around the corner and no matter what it brings, the anticipation of what could be is almost as wonderful as what actually happens.  Even though most weekends are filled with chores, errands, etc, there’s still a feeling of childlike hope that maybe, just maybe, something amazing will happen.
Writing should be no different. Despite the arguments that the odds are stacked against the average would-be author, we shouldn’t lose our sense of wonderment at what could be. Maybe our current manuscript isn’t right for the publishing world or perhaps our style hasn’t matured enough. But our mindset should be “not yet” rather than “never.”
Life throws a lot of curve-balls at us, but that doesn’t mean we toss in the towel. There’s always a chance that something wonderful is just around the corner, waiting to happen. All we have to do is keep writing, keep persevering, and keep enjoying the “Thursdays” of our writing week.

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