Motivational Alert Code Color Chart

Back in my previous career, some buddies and I developed a “Tactilocity Alert Code” to assess how tactical and motivated the day was. It started as a joke based on the Terror Alert Code system, but as weeks turned into months, we found the need to dig deeper than just primary colors to try and define how things were going. What developed was a chart that covered the entire spectrum of motivation. 
(Of note, it was not intended to offend any particular color from the color wheel, but rather names were (mostly) chosen at random when asked how tactical and motivated the day was.)
Having moved on from that life, I’ve found that the Color Coding chart still applies to life and its application to writing is very appropriate. At the behest of an AW friend, I have re-formalized the chart and added the Hex Triplet Codes to ensure easy look-up when scouring the spectrum.

 And now, without further ado, I present unto thee:

CMs Motivational Alert Code Color Chart. (copyrighted, trademarked, surrounded by claymores, translated into 7 foreign languages, this is not the list you are looking for, etc).

Hopefully you can find a color to better define your writing day.
Motivational Alert Code Color Chart:                                        
Hex Triplet Code
*head ‘splodes from the epicz*
Too amazing to classify.
The color of car bumpers and other epic-ness. Knows only one other is better. Knows you’re not it. 
Doesn’t feel the need to be defined by your “code.”
Very motivated! Thingz has a on fiyah!
Pssh. Name says it all.
Cool name. Knows it. Knows you know it too.
Knows it rolls off your tongue. Says, “You’re welcome.”
A semi-precious stone for a semi-precious experience.
The color of royalty. Please bow when you address it.
Almost as cool as Purple.
Primary color. Doesn’t need to impress you.
Aaaaalmost red.
*snickers* For those times when you are enjoying a childish-good laugh.
Revels in the fact few can pronounce it.
At least it’s not Chartreuse.
Sounds sissy, but kicks butt.
Sad that no one knows it’s a real color, but likes that it has an awesome-ish name.
“You named me after a fruit? For realz?!”
Found it in the vegetable aisle of your local grocery store. 
Better than Fuchsia, so guess that’s something.
Things getting’ better, I suppose. Still kinda meh.
Very sad that no one knows it’s a real color.
Who kicks butt with the name Periwinkle,” huh? No one, that’s who. Blegh.
“Hey, the stones are cool. Does that make me cool?”
It’s like a beige soup all up in here.
Wishes it were “Red”. Haz a sad.
Tries to act like Topaz. Fails.
Shoot me. Shoot me nao.

3 thoughts on “Motivational Alert Code Color Chart”

  1. ha!I love it! Lately I’ve been a flame! And I’ve used ecru and periwinkle as names in stories before. Some of these I’ve never heard before…

  2. Hey, I loved the idea… It’s just a pity I can’t actually see the colors.
    I have something similar, but I developed it along my life. For me, numbers have colors. 1 is white, 2 is red, 3 is green, and so on. There’s no logical reason, it just is. LOL Batsh** crazy, right? :)

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