Recommended Reads: BANSHEE CHARMER

It’s a cold, blustery weekend here in Virginia with yet another round of wintry weather predicted for Monday. For those worried about being stuck at home with nothing to do, allow me to offer another Recommended Read. Today’s RR is one of my good friends, Tiffany Allee:


Mama mia, that's one sexy building in the background!
Mama mia, that’s one sexy building in the background!

The Basics: BANSHEE CHARMER, the first book of Tiffany’s Other World Enforcement Agency series, centers around Kiera “Mac” McLoughlin. A tough, savvy lady, Mac is called to investigate a murder where all evidence points to an Incubus. Since the species is supposedly extinct, this causes shockwaves throughout the paranormal community to the point where studly OWEA agent Aidan Byrnes gets involved. With Mac looking to work outside the law and Aidan carrying secrets of his own, tension (both sexual and plot-wise) builds to an explosive end.

Why You Should Read It: For starters, BANSHEE CHARMER is a great read. It’s fast and fun with a pair of excellent main characters. Mac is spicy and blunt while Aidan smooth and mysterious. What’s satisfying about the book, however, is that it introduces you to a very complex and rich world. One that Tiffany explores with each of her following novels. It’s especially enjoyable because, similar to Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshoot series, each book in the OWEA Files focuses on a “side character” from a previous one. The various points of view throughout the series provides a broad, deep trip through a unique universe.

You can learn more about Tiffany on her site:

BANSHEE CHARMER, and the rest of Tiffany’s works, is available on Amazon, B&N, and every other online book retailer.

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